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Halong bay kayaking, bad experience beginner

Halong bay kayakWe were picked up from hotel at 8 oclock in the morning, and we went to Halong Bay. After a 4-hour bus ride we arrived there at the harbor and our little group with 13 people checked in on board. Everyone was assigned a cabin and then we could begin by getting comfortable on the deck make before lunch was served while cruising through Halong Bay. On that day we first visited a cave. However, there were so many people that it has been seen by people as of the cave. Nevertheless, one could detect in great rock formations and who has a bit of imagination, there will recognize all sorts of animals and figures. Upon returning to our boat, we went to a place in Halong Bay, where we could go kayaking. There began my own personal drama. We had two of each in a kayak and I was left with an Englishman, I asked if he had done this before. The answer was that he had already done quite often in New Zealand. I thought that this could happen to anything. In addition, capsized by the other so well no. We then saw the thing to be a little different. I was sitting in the kayak and was waiting for my boarding passengers. He did, however, with the result that I found myself suddenly in the water and the kayak was upside down. Unfortunately, I had my camera in my pocket because I had thought that I might go take some pictures. My camera could not swim and water, however, was not necessarily to their favorite element. The result was that my camera was broken along with the memory card and, accordingly, my pictures of the day away. That was really annoying and so get updated very often with this report, unfortunately, no pictures. My first camera I gave our guide and asked him to bring them onto the boat while we launched a second attempt. I turned back to the kayak, but caught the people who belonged there, to sink at once to the kayak. The whole point I could not bring the whole time there in experience. We were brought a new kayak and this time everything went without a hitch. At the time it would have been even matter because I was already wet anyway and the camera broke. Half an hour we paddled through Halong Bay and looked at the rocks and floating villages before we paddled back to our landing spot, where now was frantically searching for the sunken kayak. The Englishman, who could then paddled with me also help you to dive for the kayak. That's why I did it not, that the kayak had been sunk, because they had to look for it again. Ultimately, the kayak but found again and we could all return to our boat back and drove to a spot where we had a bit of time for swimming. The boat we were able to use as a diving board and plunge us from there into the sea in Halong Bay.

Then we drove to our anchorage, where we would spend the night in Halong bay. Our small group sat up late at night on deck, until it finally started raining and everyone was pretty tired, but then disappeared into his bunk. The next day my tour ended by the Halong Bay while went on the tour for the rest of the group who had booked all of a 3-day tour. So I lived my own back on the ship, with whom I went back again to the harbor. But I got back from another group company. After lunch, which was again taken ashore and ended my tour bus headed back to Hanoi. Photos I unfortunately could not make any more, because all attempts to revive my camera failed. The memory card was no longer usable. However, I promised one of the group to send me his photos, which I thought was very nice. Then at least I have a few photos. Nevertheless, I hope you see the pictures from my memory card can still be saved somehow.

Back in Hanoi, I bought a new camera, I would fly to Laos the next day and there I did not want to fly without a camera. Also this evening the party started for the 1000 anniversary of the capital, Hanoi, and I had the feeling that the whole of Hanoi was on the road. The Hoan Kiem lake was lit and there were stages set up and it was sung. Later there was also a fireworks display. This day ended with my last company in Vietnam and I was looking forward to my next destination: Laos.

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