Cruises in Halong bay

Budget cruises in Halong bay






Poseidon cruise 95 USD/person
Moonlight cruise 75 USD/person
Papaya cruise 94 USD/person
Cristina cruise 96 USD/person
Aurora cruise 90 USD/person
Fantasea cruise 95 USD/person
Lemon cruise 95 USD/person
Dugong Sail cruise 95 USD/person
Aquarena cruise 95 USD/person
Hai Au cruise 95 USD/person
Oriental Sails cruise 110 USD/person
Imperial cruise 110 USD/person
Galaxy cruise 115 USD/person
Party cruise 90 USD/person
Heritage cruise 100 USD/person
Black Pearl cruise 75 USD/person
Marguerite cruise 115 USD/person
Annam cruise 95 USD/person
Elizabeth cruise 100 USD/person
Phoenix cruise 120 USD/person
A Class cruise 95 USD/person
Alova Gold cruise 110 USD/person
Glory cruise 110 USD/person
Huong Hai cruise 95 USD/person
Bai Tu Long cruise 100 USD/person
Hai Long cruise 110 USD/person
Bai Tho cruise 115 USD/person
Classic Sail cruise 110 USD/person
Bien Ngoc cruise 105 USD/person
Calypso cruise 115 USD/person
Opera cruise 120 USD/person
Golden Lotus cruise 105 USD/person
Eclipse cruise 120 USD/person
Anh Duong cruise NA
White Dolphin cruise NA
Red Dragon cruise NA


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Address: 6 Thach Cau street, Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Hotline: +84 943 728 901


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